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Left Right Communications is a media company based in Muskogee, Oklahoma focusing on hyper-local news web sites, public-information publishing and web design.

Cumulatively, our company-owned sites serve an average of 550,000 unique viewers every single day!

Our site owners and franchisees use a suite of proprietary tools to operate and administer their sites, which run on a proprietary database system. In addition to customer-facing logistics, Left Right Communications sites are integrated with industry-leading backend systems that minimize the necessity for a large staff. From accounting to desktop and mobile-focused content creation and administration, our systems drastically reduce the amount of staff needed to run a news operation.

For our news, information and web clients, we developed a proprietary Content Management System called IneffablePress that allows content creators to do something they've never been able to do before: Edit their content right on the pages they're wanting to change instead of having to log into a complicated control panel to do it.

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